My Favorite Search Engine

Yes, it's Google.

Google is by far my favorite search engine. It’s also known as “Google Search.”

I tend to use multiple browsers like Firefox, Explorer and Chrome. Bing will sometimes “slip in” as Firefox’s default search engine on my computer, for example. I notice the difference.

When I need serious results, I go to Google. It usually delivers results that are more relevant and delivered faster. Google is considered the largest single source of web pages. It has had a reputation of being the top search engine for years which equates to a built-in credibility in search results. The paid ads are more subdued, the organic results presented in a simple interface. All of this contributes to its suburb user friendliness.

I like the Google Chrome browser because of the “Chrome DevTools” as well as Google webmaster tools (renamed to Google Search Console), which is an extension of the Google search engine. Overall, I favor Google because I trust that it invests in its products to maintain quality and keep its leading position in the marketplace.