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WordPress vs HTML/CSS Websites

WordPress saves costly testing time

A good CMS (content management system) like WordPress comes with a ton of benefits. One key benefit is saving costly testing time.   

In 2001, I began specializing in custom built-from-scratch websites. I was fascinated by the web and dove in, exploring the many bells and whistles the web has to offer. At the time, my role was project manager, yet I spent a lot of time conducting web testing, troubleshooting solutions and handing them off to developers. 

Testing custom websites is exhausting. You must test every page in dozens of different browser / operating system combinations. You must test again every time a change or fix is made to a page. This adds a lot of extra cost to developing custom websites.

Enter the scene: WordPress themes and page builders. 

WordPress has come a long way since it was first released in 2003, but especially the last five years. If you work with a good, newer theme and/or a good, newer page builder that requires minimal (if any) HTML / CSS coding from scratch, there isn’t a need for traditional browser testing. The issues are already worked out, except for the occasional bug that may pop up during development or after WordPress or theme updates.


How to choose a good WordPress theme

 I am reminded when developers, including my firm, used to build shopping carts from scratch. They were nothing but headaches due to the need for excessive testing. Like other agencies, we moved to customizable “off-the-shelf” shopping carts that already had the bugs worked out and were in use in thousands of websites.

That’s where websites are at. Why build a website from scratch that’s going to need a ton of testing when you can get a highly customizable and functional “off-the-shelf” WordPress website? It means a lot less cost, testing time and headaches.