Hey, there! I'm Karen Skeens, a seasoned marketing consultant / WordPress web designer / brand strategist in Seattle with a substantial creative agency background. Chances are, I've already done a lot of work in your industry, and can quickly apply that insight into a cost-efficient, creative strategy for your business.


web designer

...and idea thinker, outside writer, solution finder, analyzer, promotion queen, animal lover, dog walker, rolling hill hiker, beach goer, campsite doer, sun seeker, sleeping bag lugger, entrepreneur, passionate advocate, kid-cat-dog mom

How it started
Regional Account Manager for top radio stations in Portland & Seattle markets
How it went
Creative Director & Agency Partner at leading boutique ad agency in Seattle
Where it's at
Self-Employed Marketing Consultant, specializing in custom WordPress design

Work hard.
Work some more.
Then play.



Skilled at planning, developing, and executing marketing communications utilizing analytical, design and writing skills. 

& Promotion

Concept, write and design ads; plan and schedule media buys; promote events via social and mass media.


Enhance public image for start-ups and established businesses  through websites, press releases, social media.

Visual Design Strategy
& Digital Marketing Strategy

Plan the visual strategies of print and digital design, as well as the strategy behind digital marketing campaigns.

Web Design

From end to end: design and build custom-designed WordPress websites, including planning the navigation and writing copy.  

Brand Storytelling
& Image Shaping

Research, identify and craft compelling positioning and messaging to shape company images, sell ideas.  

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Hey there! You caught me with a website that is halfway done with its design upgrades and updates. I'm working on about 7 personal sites simulataneously. Client work first, right? Stay tuned...WordPress Web Guru + Designer + Strategist + Wordsmith + Marketer = this 5-in-1 digital pro...  

Hi, I'm Karen, a seasoned creative director / marketing consultant with a substantial creative agency background who has helped hundreds of businesses and organizations strategically rebrand and create successful online presences. My specialty is creating websites that sell with new branding, then integrating the look and feel into all your marketing collateral and campaigns. You can contract me in a temporary or permanent creative director position to work at home or on-site.

Do you need help only with developing your  headlines and information architecture? I provide content strategy and UX design & copywriting services which include any or all of the following: Wireframing, information organization, discovery / interviewing your staff or customers, conducting surveys and research, developing messaging, UX writing for buttons, forms, error messages, user interface and more.

  • Experience +
  • Insight +
  • Creativity

Services you need are backed by EXPERIENCE.

My deep experience creating hundreds of unique online web presences for clients – large and small –  empowers me to steer your web design project efficiently, make thoughtful recommendations, and avoid those common and not-so-common pitfalls.  So that you get the website you want, on time and on budget. 

INSIGHT comes from listening to you.

Insight about your company comes from listening carefully to you and your team, and conducting research that identifies your competitive advantage, goals, pain points..and finally solutions.  

There's CREATIVITY in the works for you. 

I'm exceptionally creative in my messaging and designs.  That's what they tell me. My co-workers, clients, and peers, that is.   It's all about differentiating and getting attention on behalf of my clients and employers.

Get it done right.

  • Differentiate
  • Target
  • Modernize
  • Optimize
  • Integrate

To differentiate your website and make it stand out, I first probe what makes your product, service or business special. I will help identify (or better define) your competitive edge and voice. 

Your website and supporting online marketing should inspire your target audience through conceptual messaging, polished typography, and a good user experience.

It should portray modern web design best practices. This will, not only visually appeal to your target audience, but it will extend the shelf life of your website. 

To increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic, your website should be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and speed. The SEO optimization begins at the ground level with WordPress theme selection, target keyword discovery, navigation planning, naming of your page URLs, and more. The optimization is ongoing throughout the website-building process. The refinement happens upon completion of the website.

Send a clear, consistent message to your target audience and integrate your web branding/messaging into your social media, email campaigns, print collateral - everything.


Meet Karen.

After working as an agency creative director / lead copywriter / website UI / UX specialist / salesperson for several years at a well-known, reputable creative marketing agency in Seattle, I went freelance. My core specialties are creating online presences, and designing and building unique WordPress websites for businesses and organizations. I also gravitate to brand and content strategy, especially conceptual messaging and information architecture. The ever-changing web fascinates me and I'm totally addicted to this hands-on kind of work.

Karen Skeens

Creative * detailed * ethical * reliable

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