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My Role

Brand Strategist
UI / UX Designer
Infographic Prototype Designer


Identity Package
Responsive Website
Tradeshow Collateral

“What you do invigorates. All of a sudden you reach out with an idea, and I’m invigorated by what I see. Wow, these infographics are really cool. You show that you understand design and visual graphics in today’s market, just like you have done so far with our identity, positioning, messaging, and sales strategy.”
Patty Anderson
CEO / Manager, Performance Building Solutions, LLC

Custom-designed infographics simplify complex sales message.

The CEO of this start-up said her most difficult challenge was communicating to investors and customers how her company’s software works. The solution: Infographics in a modern website and tradeshow signs that simplify the sales message.

Investigative Software Site

Home page messaging

My Services for Zetx

Visual Strategy, Information Organization, Content Strategy, Brand Positioning, Copywriting for Web and Print

Pathways Website

During my discovery session, the client casually mentioned her love for trees. Was she excited to see that we ran with the tree, customizing a tree illustration to symbolize getting to the root of a patient's back pain. I developed the slogans and messaging and was creative director and art director on this rebrand, website redesign project.
Karen Skeens
Freelance Designer & Copywriter

a new key brand element

Services I Provided

  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Copywriting and messaging
  • Site wireframing & content organization
  • Creative and art direction of website redesign
  • Client service
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