Restaurant Media Kit / Sales Pitch

What the client said:

"That's the best d*mn marketing piece I've ever seen."

The target audience for this clever 15-page iron-branded rawhide media kit was just one person: The Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel’s Food & Beverage Manager, our client. Cowgirls’ objective was to land the highly-coveted meeting with this MGM manager, and pitch the Cowgirl club’s unique “fun formula” in MGM space. Starting with a blank piece of paper and nothing more than an existing logo, my partner and I came up with the overall concept, then I planned and wrote the copy on all 15 pages.  Media kit objective accomplished. Meeting won. The MGM manager’s comments about the media kit: “That’s the best damn marketing piece I’ve ever seen.”

Catchy Page Headlines

The goal of this sales piece was to land the highly coveted meeting with the decision maker at the Las Vegas MGM to pitch Seattle-based Cowgirls Saloon as an ideal tenant on the Las Vegas main strip.

 So, the opening headline on page 1 was written to assumptively announce “Cowgirls ARE coming to Las Vegas.”

Cowgirls’ three partners did not make a single edit to the copy I wrote for on any of the pages, as they captured their objectives and brand’s “sexy” and “sassy” voice.  (I wrote 11 out of 12 pages, editing the 12th page of owner-provided bios.) 


Page 2. Overview

Objective/request clearly stated to MGM Hotel target audience: “WANTED: Las Vegas Local for Cowgirls’ Brand of Fun.”

Benefits of partnering are briefly listed in a creative Cowgirls’ “brand of fun” way.

On page 3, this headline overviews how Cowgirls’ innovative marketing ROPES ‘EM IN to bring in the crowds and entice them to spend their money. 

A lot of traffic at Cowgirls Saloon adds up to bigger profits for MGM Hotels if MGM chooses to lease their high-valued main strip space to Cowgirls. 

Page 4. The “Fire up the fun” headline on this page summarizes what Cowgirls is all about. Fire hot, saucy, sassy, sexy fun. Cowgirl’s “fun formula” differentiates them from their competitors. 

Page 5 headline: “Meet the Cowgirls” and here’s a little intro about them. Gotta dedicate an entire page about the Cowgirls since this is the inspiration behind Cowgirl’s Saloon’s name. 

Page 6 on “Meet our Customers.” Gotta have a headline and page about Cowgirl’s target audience. It’s who the Cowgirls cater to. And it’s who spends money, and would pay profits and Cowgirls’ rent for Las Vegas MGM space.

Page 7. How exactly do the customers at Cowgirls have fun?

They “saddle up to the bar” and them some. 


Page 8. “Regulators” headline says it all. 

The Cowgirls-branded “regulator” name for their security staff keeps customers in line outside and inside.

Page 9. Now that you’ve met the Cowgirls and the customers, it’s important to meet the partners who founded and run Cowgirls’ Saloon. This sales piece, not only sells the Cowgirls’ “fun formula” and promotional recipe for success, but it sells the business savvy of the partners.

Page 10, 11 and 12. Just straightforward talk. (You can download the full kit PDF below.)

Random Kit Pages


The kick-off meeting for the “brochure” project started with Cowgirls’ three partners, my partner and a blank piece of paper with my pen in hand.  After an extensive Discovery session, simply put, our instructions were to…

1) Create a creative brochure that integrated the funky look and feel of the restaurant decor.

2) Visit the saloon at midnight when it was busiest.

3) Communicate sass and sex appeal in the piece.

4) Make it persuasively sell the target audience (Success!)

Assignment Solution

A hand-tied iron-branded rawhide leather cover and back to hold the pages became THE literal winning solution, not just with our client, but the Las Vegas MGM Hotel target audience. The writing and design was done in the comfort of our office. The rawhide prep and iron branding took place on the cement floor of a cold garage… (Kudos to my former partner, Alex Howard with coming up with the hand-made leather kit idea.)

Assignment Solution

Security Stuff

My Project Services

New Home Community Websites

One parent website + nine microsites for new home communities

The primary objectives of this assignment were to create a highly functional online virtual tour for prospective home buyers, but more importantly, provide an easy marketing tool for real estate agents to use and easily update. The end results dramatically exceeded expectations and were very successful. All properties were sold over a relatively very short time period.

Taglines and Slogans


“There’s LIVEability Here”
This is the tagline and primary theme that is integrated throughout all 10 websites, all under one umbrella. It is defined on the home page, the about page, and on each individual community home page.



“There’s LIVEability at Cedar Downs”

“There’s LIVEability at Trailside”

Each of nine Freestone new home communities featured the slogan, “There’s LIVEability at….”

Here’s a “lIVEability” at Cedar Downs branded with the color, green. Each community was branded with a unique color.


Random Website Pages

My Project Services

I oversaw planning the marketing strategy, brand strategy, and content strategy for Freestone Companies’ rebrand, new parent website and nine individually-branded  new home communities. The services I personally provided include:

Emergency Preparedness Campaign

Website cleverly promotes King County's
"3-Day 3-Way" Campaign.

Karen Skeens planned, sketched and wrote copy for three emergency supply planning calculators: for home, the car, and the pets.
UX Writing and Design by Karen Skeens
UX Writing and Design by Karen Skeens

This is me presenting our web campaign to the city representatives of the King County Emergency Preparedness Committe

My project services

Cultural Ecommerce Site

App on this membership site lets friends and family create online memorials in memory of loved ones.

Beloved Samoa

The Samoan community is tight, connected and loyal.

This membership site helps Samoans connect through social media sharing.
Samoans sign up for memberships, create free or paid online memorials within minutes, then share those online memorials via social media.

Karen Skeens provided all UX writing and design in this website and app. Hundreds of hours were invested planning the UX, and writing sales copy, microcopy, and simple instructions that guided members and non-members.

“Karen, I appreciate your creative ideas. I like how you improvise on the spot, and how you enhance the ideas that Henry or I share in the meetings. You’ve not only captured the essence of Beloved’s vision, but you’ve embraced and gone beyond to raise the quality of work and elegance. Karen, you are awesome!!"

"You bringing out creative ideas through fresh eyes, and your passion for our project is what embraced and captured what Beloved Legacies envisioned. Thank you. You and your team went beyond what was expected and because of that, we are so grateful.”

My Services Provided

  • Oversight of App Development
  • Concept Development
  • Oversight of Web Design
  • UX Copywriting
  • Messaging
  • Wireframing
  • Art & Creative Direction
  • Oversight of E-commerce Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Client Service

Design Agency Website

Design Agency Website

Adventures Brand-Strategy-Design

My Services for Ad Ventures

Visual strategy,  User Interface Design, Navigation Planning, Content Strategy, Brand Positioning and All Copywriting

Investigative Software Site

Home page messaging

My Services for Zetx

Visual Strategy, Information Organization, Content Strategy, Brand Positioning, Copywriting for Web and Print

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